Self Within Work and Play

Today i was looking at the point of “work” I realized that I actually enjoy working from the perspective that i am simply moving myself within that which is here. I have always in my life resisted work, have, been to “busy” for work. I always thought that there was something better i should be doing. Within this belief of there was something else, something better, I developed a great resistance towards work. I believed it was because i disliked the act of working some particular jobs. I realize now that It was because i have been holding onto an idea that I should not be doing this but doing something “more relevant” I always experienced myself “missing out” to put it this way when ever I worked. Now within the context of self realization, where i am, what i am doing, does not matter as in it is always ME there. So the starting point is SELF, not what i am doing, weather building a fence or drawing a picture it is irrelivant.


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