Life as a Program

What i would like to look at is myself as a program. Life as a program. Yes, Life as a program. As pre-designed. Lets take a look at a tree for instance. If you plant an apple seed, you get and apple tree. Not an orange tree. The seed, carries the desteny of what is to come in its lifetime. The full maturity of the tree allready exist within the seed. its all there, it is now simply to be lived out. Now how is it, or should I say, where within this is free choice. If within the seed, is the fate of the seed, so to speak. What would be the point of existing, of living, if each “choice” is already made, is mapped out, is based on a ridgid template.  Wherein you simply walk the path that has been laid out before you.  It may appear as if choice exist, but within this illustration, the path the apple seed shall walk will enevitably lead to the apple tree.

Hi my name is Andrew Gable. I was born 27 years ago. Like the tree my fate was sealed. Who I am today is a result of a play out of events which has lead to this point. I dont remember having a choice to appear the way I do. I am male but i dont remember saying ok I want to be male. I was just kinda “stuck with it” ,  “I was just born that way”. Am I any different than the tree. No i am not. why would I assume I must be different. Becasue that thought has crossed my mind before. That “I must be different” than the tree, Somehow exempt from the conditions of this planet. From all the “life” forms that exist here. Or should I say life designs.

Let me continue… So why would I assume I am any different from the tree.  Look, some trees have different varieties of leaves or bare different fruit, Like humans we have the same basic make-up as the next person but we differ in varrying features. Just like the tree. The tree who has had no choice, no directive principle in the living of itself. Who is  simply on its way to becomming an apple tree – with no other choice otherwise,  its future already determined.

So does choice exist within this context.

Have i actually been making choices throughout my life to lead me to “who I am” now,  or like the tree, am i simply walking the path which will lead me to that which i am determined to become, already decided,  pre-designed within my seed, just like the tree – if you plant an Andrew Gable seed, you get an Andrew Gable.

Lets take another intersting example . Special skills or abilities.

I, from a young age had an ability to draw. Why? where did this come from. Did I develop this on my own, was it my choice?…my ability was not my choice – otherwise I would have chosen also to have an even greater ability within it and why not have an equal ability in all areas of life as well,  not simply limited to  just drawing. But I could not chose this for myself ?  My ability to draw  was  “natural”. I could just do it so i didn’t ask questions. We call these special skills, natural talent. Talent that somehow seems already there, that does not have to be taught, but that is a natural expression. Interesting this phrase natur4al expression. You do not have to teach an apple tree how to grow apples, it is a natural expression. Yet if you plant an apple seed you get an apple tree. without a doubt.  does the apple tree have any choice in the matter as to what it becomes NO! once it is born it has no choice.  even as a tiny sprout we can look upon it and determine – that will be an apple tree, absolute.  What is the point of existing if our future is already determined – Where in this exist freedom of choice really? We are predictable – The Andrew Gable seed is as predictable as the apple seed. Plant me a thousand times over and how much variation would actually exist in the end. What are the odds that I would turn into you? See the limitation in this. See the predictability of our lives.


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