OverFlowing Desires

Overflowing Desires.

A want
It begins with just one
Then another
It seems innocent
So natural
A like
A dislike
An opinion
Another want now all together with the others a desire is born
A thought
A memory
A picture in your mind
Preceded by another forming a story now
It is growing, there are many
A feeling
A judgment
An observation
All forming and moving together
Its past the breaking point now
Your system is self sustainable and now takes it own initiative
Forming thoughts, ideas, opinions you are not even aware of
The Nature of self
Nature flourishing
Breeding now
The orgy within
Overflowing now
Conversing with each other
Creating new and improved offspring
A virus
A parasite
Consumed within your own desires
Eaten alive by your own desires
Eaten alive by that which you are unable to have
Unable to get
You need it
You want it
A fountain pouring out of you, so many wants
So many wants
We have accepted this as who we are
Content within overflowing desires.
Rather than accepting ourselves
And requiring nothing but
We always want something from another
Never are we unconditional
Stable within ourselves
Sustainable within ourselves
Able within ourselves to stand before even 1 other without trying to feed our overflowing desire




One Response to “OverFlowing Desires”

  1. This reminds me of something in Ecclesiates, in the Bible, how we find everything is a chasing after the wind, never to be attained. I personally see it as Gods way of drawing us to Himself. Nothing else can really satisfy because it wasn’t meant to. I hope you are still working on your art. Great stuff!
    I really like this drawing. It is so full of ideas that we all deal with. Thanks for posting it.

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