Introduction to Desteni Tarot Cards

Hello, my name is Andrew Gable.  I would like to take this moment to introduce to you “The Secret Mind  –  Desteni Tarot Cards”  This is a new project that I am a part of in collaberation with the Desteni group.  I will be documenting the develpment of this project through writing as it unfolds. sharing my observations and insights.   I, as a well as another desteni forum member, Leila, are currently working with the interdimensional portal to bring you the first series which is comprised of  69 cards.  Although, things change quickly, so this number may shift before the final product is here.  My role within the project is doing what ever is required to bring the project through into completion. Although initially, i considered my primary role to be that of the  creator of the illustrations, I see now that I was limiting myself within defining my expression within the project in this way.

Since we have begun, many points have opened up  which have required direction, and im sure many more will –  So I see it is not to define my role as being just the illustrator. This is/would be a limitation I am placing upon myself. I am finding there are numerous points existing within and around the point of illustration which I see will assist in the expansion of my expression, not simply limiting myself to the artwork within the project but all points within the development of “The Secret Mind – Desteni Tarot Cards”


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