The Creation of the Desteni Tarot Cards.

A point that has come up within the process of creating the Desteni  tarot Cards.

This point being, an equality within expression.

What I am, and have experienced within myself, in particular, within writing over the last few days, is that I am attempting to write something that is, more than me. I attempt to express within an idea that something great, or something profound should come out. I have realized the inequality within this starting point of expression. It “struck me” so to speak, that I was attempting to express “more than” instead of “equal as”. I have noticed with working with the dimensions on the cards, this point of equal expression, or constant expression comming through within they’re expression. There is no desire so to speak, to express something great, or profound. I experience within myself a “pushing” that is a trying to do or express more than what is here, more than the moment. It is quite an interesting realization actually. I have also observed within myself a desire to be profound in my writing, to have it be spectacular. Where what is here is not enough but that wihtin wanting to be spectacular I begin to form ideas and opinions as i attempt to wirte more than the moment. More than what is here.


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