Working with words has become easyer.

Working with words has become easyer.

Also I have been finding it easier to read as well. I have, over the past few days been doing much writing for the desteni cards. We are currently in the stage of the process where we are making recordings, where in jack comes through the portal and speaks about each of the 69 words. Each word making up of about a page and half of text once the recording has be transcribed. This is what I am doing currently. Transcribing the recordings. So within this I have been doing much writing and reading, and wihtin this I find myself becomming much more firmiliar with words, with the structure of words, and as I have continued the process of reading and writing, the words seem to flow through me and wihtin me with much more ease than before where I experienced the words as cluncky blocks each kind of experienced the same as the next. However now there seems to be much more of a stream as i move through this process of transcribing.


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