What I actually See about an Equal Money System.

How will an Equal Money System Benefit all of Humanity Equally.
I am going to investigate here how an equal money system is in fact and will in fact support ALL beings on earth equally and is not one of those systems that is only attempting to “lessen the gap” between the rich and the poor and not actually taking on the point of “in fact” bringing all to an equal position in this world.

An equal money system is based on an the principle of equality and what is best for all.
And only those involved know within themselves whether or not they are in fact standing as this principle.
I know for myself that I Stand as This Principle from this perspective – I see within myself that the common sense direction to take within this world is to bring forth equality for all. As that is fair. And that it is not acceptable for any beings to suffer while others live in wealth and comfort. Glaringly so with regards to the current world situation and how the suffering of many in this world is in a way “out of their hands” like being born into poverty or a situation where they do not have equal support as others and because of this have a more difficult life in this reality. This should not exist.

I see within myself that I do not want to deliberately harm another and that in fact I would rather have all beings living a cool life, and that for example it would be cool if for example a starving dog in the world could live as I live, meaning have basic survival aspects of life in place so that they to can exist equal to humans within this world where we no longer control animals as pets but live in equality with them and realize that they are beings and have just as much to ‘offer’ and as we do.

I see that I still have allot to learn with regards to how to establish an equal money system and also how to live in this world in a way that is best for all. But I also see within myself that I have no intentions to harm another or abuse or secretly deceive another but that I am in fact interested in bringing forth a world that is fair so that all have the equal opportunity to experience enjoyment within their experience of themselves on this earth. And have equal Support as money and resources which create a stable foundation for each one to live and enjoy themselves on this planet.

This is what is being Proposed in the Equal Money System.
It is not just some system that will try and fix and mend the current system.
It is a New System
We should not be afraid to try new things, and to let go of stuff that is not working but is further fucking up this world.
I mean Japan is close to being a ‘Quadrillion’ dollars in debt. All that is talked about today is the increasing debts of the countries. I mean how is it even possible for the entire world to be in debt? And this is the system that we are trying to keep in place?
The foundational all encompassing System of the world is capitalism and profit. The entire world play by these rules.

I mean a browse through the morning newspaper should be enough to see how our current world system is actually NOT WORKING. The News Paper does not bring the News. It is simply an Outflow of the current money system to ensure the flow of money and to keep the current system in in place. It is filled with advertisements to generate money – Every add in the paper is for money only – There is not one that is unconditionally within the consideration of support life actually.

The Equal Money System as being proposed by desteni is the most comprehensive solution that I have found. And its cool because it is not in any way just trying to hold onto or fix the current system. Which is basically what I see with every other ‘proposed solution’ that I have come across.

I cannot convince anyone to be a part of the equal money system development and proposal. Though If I had the power to I would “place it” meaning I see no reason not to. I see no risk (I am not willing to face) in doing so, I see no reason to continue hanging onto this current system and am willing to test out other options, Immediately, as it is becoming more and more clear to me that the system we use to govern our world at the moment is just fucking this planet up and people are fucked up within it. Ok its time to try something new. Obviously. So suggest to investigate http://www.equalmoney.org and also the “desteni I process” at http://www.desteniiprocess.com
As this is the platform through which we will be bringing forth this new direction of man. And support ourselves to really start to investigate ourselves and how to bring forth a practical solution that is equal and best for all.
I don’t think its necessary to have to keep animals locked up in cages. I think they would rather live without fences around them. And so an equal money system is a practical placement which will support the bringing forth of a world where all beings have food in their bellies and are full and satisfied, and have shelter and basic support and equal access to education, transportation, etc… actual Equal Human Rights.



2 Responses to “What I actually See about an Equal Money System.”

  1. The Equal Money System certainly has some viable new thinking that the world needs, especially at its premise that all humans need to start with the same base survival essentials. But as I read further on the Equal Money System website itself, it still has major flaws that need working on. For instance, mandatory four years of labor for kids out of school…what about the millions of kids with cancer, or other illnesses, autism, etc. And mandatory sounds like Naziism again. I would think that there is enough human goodness in almost everyone that you would find many of all ages who want to work daily or weekly or monthly to support the jobs that are required to meet survival needs on this plant. Mandatory anything and an elected administrator, even if only serving one year, brings us right back to where we are today. Also, the EMS mentions healthcare–who will be the physicians of the future. I believe that with the stress that is relieved by the EMS and with the greed that cannot move in such a system–illness as we know it will end and the earth itself and its animals will heal–it may take decades–but it would finally end. The EMS premise is great–you just have to trust the goodness of people more. Set up a computer that will alot people’s money or even simply don’t even give people a choice who to spend that basic money because some may spend foolishly at first–simply make sure everyone has the same basic house, the same faucet, the same well or whatever–take all the guessing out–all one type of clothes even–then greed and foolishness will be gone and we

    • Yes we won’t really know exactly how an equal money system will function exactly until the points are in place and functioning and so what you read about an equal money system at this stage I see as a template to help people get the idea of how such a system will function.

      Also – It is not necessary for ALL individuals to work the mandatory 4 year labour point if one has a disease or autism or is unable to walk this point due to some other physical point and thus, common sense will be applied.

      Also you hit the nail on the head with regards to “human goodness” which I see as a point of people realizing the entire picture and that there will basic points that we as a group as humanity must ensure keep moving so to have a system of management that provide everyone with a dignified life.

      From my perspective in order for Humanity to in fact exist in a dignified way, unconditional giving must be understood, though this may take time, and so a 4 year mandatory period or some other time frame may be required as a guideline at this stage so people get the point – Though it is obviously that one do what ever it takes and thus if initially those that are willing must walk longer until others realize the point of self responsibility than cool.

      Also within an Equal Money System people will actually be educated on how the world actually function, even within such a point like childhood education so that our education process is one of actually preparing individuals to understand how the world actually work so they are able to make informed decisions based on an accurate framework – Not like today where the functioning of the world system is not shown to all but kept as secret information for only the privileged.

      And yes within a System that Provide – Health of the individual will change drastically and thus many of the illnesses of today will over time diminish. This is actually a cool point of how an equal money system will provide a foundation for actual human development for the first time, as also Health Research will no longer be based on “How much money it will earn” like for instance developing pills as solutions that makes tons of money for the pharmaceutical industry. Thus in EMS research will simply be done on how to in fact Support the Healing/Correction of ourselves. I also see health and physical body understanding in EMS being a point of early education as well so beings understand how their body function and what causes illness and things like this – IN essence developing Actual Self Awareness from an early age.

      In terms of resource distribution – it will be “automatically distributed” through a central computer as far as I understand it – Also the point of an Elected Administrator – I would look at the point that if we as humanity are not able to bring ourselves to a point where we are able to have an elected Administrator due to the idea that they will go for power and greed, then there is still a big point of who we are, not yet sorted out (still a hidden point of fear within us) – Thus ultimately we must reach a point of absolute trust within our fellow Man so that we ALL stand within the same understanding of who we are as life and thus Will always make decisions within the principle of what is best for all. Thus as you say this is something like “trusting the goodness of people” though this goodness will also be a point of education from birth so that ones natural expression become that of always doing what is best for all. And that the point/consideration of Self Interest will not exist as it does today as a pre-occupation of the Self.

      Yes I see the point of making sure everyone has the basic necessities taking time to get into place and thus taking the guess work out of the point is cool – Where there is parameters in place to ensure that people do not “spend foolishly” like for instance the basics will simply be given and thus x amount of dollars are allotted to luxuries, where the basics are an automatic point. Also the point of money will act also as a “tracking system” more than a “purchasing power” system like it does today.

      My perspective here is based on my understanding that I have developed through studying the material around the point of an equal money system for the past 4 years. I am also within a point of learning exactly how an equal money system will function and am so here also “still learning” so to speak and realize I do not yet completely grasp everything about how an equal money system will work, as I see this will take many many years of walking my process to really understand how to live within the principle of equality and oneness and what is best for all – principles upon which an equal money system is based.

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